How to submit meter reads using the Customer Portal

If you have a smart meter, you won’t have to submit meter readings yourself or wait for someone else to come and take them. Our smart metering technology gives you complete control over energy consumption and spend by taking automated reads and allowing you to access your energy-use data at any time. With consistent and automated meter reads, you can be sure your bills are completely reflective of your consumption.

If you do not have a smart meter, please use the guide below to help understand the meter read function on the Valda Energy Customer Portal. We recommend that you submit meter readings as regularly as possible so that we can accurately calculate your bill by knowing exactly what energy you’ve used.

If you do not have a smart meter, but would like one, please visit here.


How do I submit a meter reading?

There is now a simpler way to submit your reads following the introduction of a dedicated meter read page on the Valda Customer Portal.

You can locate the meter read function by clicking on the "Submit Meter Read" option within the navigation menu on the Valda Customer Portal.

This new feature is accessed through the Valda Customer Portal.

If you haven’t created an account, then to learn how, please click here.

Valda Energy customer portal navigation bar

How do I submit readings for different meters?

Simply scroll to the top of the “Submit Meter Read” page and use the drop-down box to select which meter point you wish to submit a reading for.

Valda Energy meter read screen

How do I know if my submission has been successful?

Once your reading has successfully uploaded to your account you will receive a pop-up thanking you for your reading.

If you wish to submit another reading then simply click “Okay” and then click on “Submit Meter Read” again.

In the unlikely circumstances that you don’t receive a thank you message then please contact our Customer Services team for help.

Valda Energy Thank you for your reading

How do I submit more than three readings?

To submit more than three readings, simply click “Need to submit more than 3 readings?” which is located just above “Read 1”.

You will then be prompted by a pop-up to contact our Customer Services team via phone or Live Chat to send in your readings.

Valda Energy submit more than three readings

What does the “Alert” pop-up mean?

In the unlikely event that the alert is prompted, then there is nothing to worry about, it just means our team needs to see a photo of the meter.

Please follow the on-screen instructions and upload a photo of your meter so that our Metering Team can validate the reading.

For any additonal support, then please contact our Customer Services Team.

Valda Energy Meter Reading Alert
Valda Energy Customer Portal Login

Can I still submit reads on the Valda website?

All Valda SmartChoice customers should now submit their reads through the Customer Portal.

The Portal's meter read function makes it quicker and easier for you to upload your reads directly to your account.

If you are a Valda SmartChoice customer and haven’t created an account then please click here.

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