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We are a viable alternative to the current crop of energy suppliers.  Ofgem regulated and managed by a senior team with a history of operating successful energy supply businesses.

We are leading the way with Valda SmartChoice, a unique product in the market, offering outstanding customer service, low prices, cloud-based digital solutions and available to all business types.

Call our UK based team now on 0330 124 2023 for hassle free switching and a low competitive price.

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Business energy experts

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Low prices

Competitive prices
Our prices are always fair and competitive, with one simple tariff and rewarding loyalty to renewing customers.

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Smart meter technology

Outstanding customer service, with a UK based call centre.  Contact us by phone, email or use our website LiveChat.

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Digital account management

We are business energy specialists and Ofgem regulated.  Have confidence in our product, prices and promises.

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Complete customer control, using the best tech solutions.  Transparent communications, explanations and billing.

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By agreeing a new fixed term period, you could make big savings on your energy bill.  Please contact us to see how much you could save with a new fixed term agreement.

Your business is important to us, so please call us to discuss your options, including a renewal deal with competitive prices to reward your loyalty.

We hope you have enjoyed our service and we look forward to discussing an energy solution that suits your business requirements.

Contact us now and speak to our business energy experts.

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Renewing energy contract

Moving premises

Expanding? Moving location? Found new premises?  If so, please contact us now and we'll happily make the move as easy as possible for you with a simple transfer of energy contract.

Remember to let us know of your plans and we can transfer your energy supply and make sure you always have power.

Our team will just need a few details e.g. your new address, move date, and we can do the rest.  We can also advise on what do when you leave premises e.g. turning off all appliances, speaking to the landlord.

Contact us now and speak to our Customer Services team.

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Moving premises energy contracts

New connections

For new connections first make sure you've completed an application to your local Distribution Network Operator for a connection agreement. Once the connection details have been agreed with the Distribution Business, you will receive your new MPAN, KVA and meter phase type that you are having or have had installed.

Once you have your new MPAN, call our team for a quote bespoke to your business. We can also help guide you through the energy connection process - for both gas and electricity new connections.

Contact us now and speak to our business energy experts.

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New connections

Our management team’s history of success in the energy supply market means you can rely on us for quality and consistency. We understand your key requirements and have the solutions to meet them, from seamless customer service to reliable renewable energy options.

Switch energy supplier and save money

If you haven't renewed your energy contract recently, you may be paying too much for your energy. Contact us now to find out how much we could save your business.

Compare our prices to your current supplier with a no commitment quote from our energy experts today.

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Switch energy supplier and save money

People-focused. Technology-driven.

At Valda Energy, we put people first.  We create the best solutions for you and your team by combining our expert knowledge of business energy with our use of the very latest technologies. 

Trust us for user-friendly service and digital solutions that make things easier.

People-focused. Technology-driven.