Benefits for you

Smart meters track your actual energy usage and send back the readings digitally, so no more estimated bills, overpaying for your energy or having to send in reads yourself.

By using your Valda Energy webapp or online customer portal, you can view these readings and track how much energy you are using.  Being able to understand how much and when you use your energy, helps you be in control of spend.

All our SmartChoice tariff customers have the latest smart meters installed, if their current meter is not smart enabled.  We can tell you if you need a smart meter upgrade and installation when we give you a quote.

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Smart metering benefits for you

Smart Meter Installation

We only install the latest, safest and most secure smart meters with no installation or maintenance costs to you.

Smart meters use a closed communications network to send information, so are not part of the internet. Plus they have a security system developed by industry and government experts including GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre. All smart meters are subject to the same safety regulations and testing of any in-home technological devices, complying with both UK and EU laws. 

We aim to install between 4-8 weeks after your supply start date. Install usually takes no more than an hour to install with the power or gas being turned off for only approximately 30 minutes. Standard installations are between 08:00-18:00, out of hours installations can be made outside of these hours with prior arrangement, but an additional charge may apply.

Our smart metering installation code of practice

Valda Energy will install your smart meter in accordance with the Consolidated Metering Code of Practice (CoMCoP). This is the industry standard for meter installations including smart meters. 

By signing up to CoMCoP we have promised to:

  • Provide a high standard of service throughout your installation.
  • Minimise the disruption to your business.
  • Help you to maximise the smart benefits that your new meter offers you.
  • Tell you if we can’t install your smart meter and talk through your options.
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Never overpay for your energy again. No more estimated bills or sending in meter reads. Smart meters put you in control of your energy usage.

The Valda Energy Customer Portal

All our SmartChoice customers have access to the Valda Energy Customer Portal.

The Customer Portal converts energy consumption data your smart meter has recorded into an easy-to-view graph to monitor energy consumption, spikes and trends.

You can download the portal as an app from an Appstore on Apple and Google Play. Alternatively, you can access it by computer or laptop using the URL, meaning you can always access your energy consumption at a time that suits you.

Want more information about our SmartChoice product? 

Valda SmartChoice
The Valda Energy app

Save energy. Save money.

In accordance with the government guidelines, the roll out of smart meters to small to medium sized business is mandated, to ensure accurate data and enable energy efficiency initiatives.

By using your Valda Energy webapp and smart meter, you can track your energy usage and have a better understanding of how and when to make energy saving changes.  Simple changes like turning off appliances when not in use e.g. computer screens overnight or switching to energy saving lightbulbs can make significant changes across the year.

By reducing your energy consumption, you will reduce your energy emissions, which leads to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Read our blogs for energy saving tips.

Read our blogs
Save energy. Save money.

Target installs

From January 2022, suppliers must comply with a new regulatory framework for the rollout of smart meters as confirmed by BEIS on 18 June 2020.

The framework sets binding annual installation targets for all suppliers in the market and will run until the end of 2025.

Our targets for 2024 can be seen below:

Fuel 2023 Target 2023 Successful Installations 2024 Target
Gas 542 590 536
Electricity 303 4322 TBC
Smart meter installation