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We are energy specialists for small businesses. Offering both electricity and gas, presenting a viable alternative to the current crop of energy suppliers. British owned and based in Oxfordshire, with senior management expertise in managing and operating successful energy supply business in the UK.

Valda Energy, where knowledge meets innovation

The Valda Energy management team is made up of energy supply experts with a long history of success in the market.  We understand every aspect of what businesses want from their gas and electricity supplier and we know how to deliver it

We believe sustainability is vital for the current ecological, social and economic environment - and all companies should have a sustainability strategy, such as reducing waste and energy efficiency. 

For more information about sustainability, please read here

Valda Energy, where knowledge meets innovation

Energy delivered with expertise

We are specialists in SME (small to medium sized business) energy supply, as we only supply gas and electricity to the SME business market.

As a specialist supplier of gas and electricity for the SME market, we offer the best energy solutions tailored for your business needs.

We are an SME ourselves, so we know the pressures and challenges that you face - and we've built our business around how we can best serve other SMEs.  


The Valda Energy management team holds decades of senior-level industry experience, having operated in the energy supply market since it deregulated.  We use our authority and expertise to ensure that SMEs like yours make the right choices with their energy.  Whether you’re looking to manage energy usage and spend more efficiently, save time with seamless self-service account management, or get your business on the path to sustainability, we can help.

We combine our knowledge with our use of the latest technologies to bring you the best solutions, from outstanding cloud-based customer service to accurate invoicing and automated smart metering.

Low energy prices
Energy delivered with expertise


We are always striving to become more sustainable by reducing waste and being more energy efficient.  

We believe all changes, however small can make a significant difference over the year.

View our blogs for sustainability articles and energy saving tips that could help your business too.

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We also support British renewable entrepreneurs, buying renewable energy from independent energy producers across Great Britain who generate electricity using  technologies including solar, hydro, wind and anaerobic digestion.


We are THE gas and electricity supplier for the SME business market. With customer focused solutions at a price that works for you.

Make things easier with smart metering

Make measuring your energy use more straightforward. Our smart metering technology gives you complete control over energy consumption and spend by taking automated reads and allowing you to access your energy-use data at any time with our Valda Energy app.

You won’t have to submit meter readings yourself or wait for someone else to come and take them. But with consistent and automated meter reads, you can be sure your bills are completely reflective of your consumption. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Smart meters
Make things easier with smart metering

Our tariffs

Get certainty from day one. We consider our tariffs the foundation for the relationship you will have with us going forward. That’s why we offer competitive tariffs and contracts that allow you to keep commodity costs consistent for a period of 1, 2 or 3 years. Our tariffs are backed by our ability to purchase from the wholesale market, meaning your business is powered by reliable, risk-free energy.

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