Smart meters for business: are there any disadvantages?

Written by Valda Energy

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What are smart meters?
What are smart meters?

Smart Energy GB defines a smart meter as the next generation of gas and electricity meter. But what exactly does this mean?

Smart meters do the same thing that standard meters do in terms of recording your property gas and electricity usage. However, instead of sending in meter read numbers yourself, or having a utility worker come to your property to read the meter, a smart meter sends these readings directly to your property’s energy supplier.

Despite many businesses already enjoying the benefits of a smart meter, there is still an element of resistance amongst those yet to make the upgrade… but why?

We often hear people talking about the myths and misconceptions associated with smart meters, so how do you know what to believe?

In this blog, we will be clearing up some of those common myths and misconceptions to help you take the right steps towards better energy management.

Myth 1: I still need to submit meter reads once my smart meter is installed

No, smart meters automatically take your meter reads and update your account directly. Operating in almost real time, smart meters ensure that you are accurately billed for your actual consumption.

If your property suffers a power cut then your smart meter will automatically reconnect and continue providing us with your usage data. On the extremely rare occasion that it does not reconnect, we may ask you to provide us with a reading.

You can read more about the benefits of smart metering for SMEs in our helpful guide here.

I still need to submit meter reads once my smart meter is installed
Smart meters don’t actually save me any money
Myth 2: Smart meters don’t actually save me any money

Having a smart meter installed doesn’t automatically save you money on its own, but it does enable you to better manage your energy consumption.

Providing you with tools and real time data enables you to better, plan, analyse and put measures in place to help reduce your usage and overall costs through implementing behavioural and operational changes to the way you run your business.

For more information on how smart meters can help you save money, please view our useful guide here

Myth 3: I can’t get a smart meter because my business operates out of a rented property

Yes, you are entitled to get a smart meter installed as long as you are the one who pays the bills for gas and electricity at that property.

However, regardless of who pays the bills in a commercial property, getting a smart meter installed is hugely beneficial for both parties and has a number of key benefits such as cost savings, accurate end-of-tenancy readings and even preventing disputes.

We would recommend speaking to your landlord before getting one just to double check whether they are happy with this and that you won’t be breaching any of your tenancy agreements.

To read more about the benefits that smart meters bring to commercial properties, please read our useful blog here.

I can’t get a smart meter because my business operates out of a rented property
I can’t change supplier if I install a smart meter
Myth 4: I can’t change supplier if I install a smart meter

Again, this myth is untrue. A smart meter does not tie you to one supplier for the time you remain at that property. With the SMETS2 meters you are able to transfer supply with little to no interruption and be back fully functional almost immediately.

If you have a SMETS1, which is a first generation meter, then the process is slightly longer in the change-over, but it still does not prevent you from switching.

Due to the software in a SMETS1, when you first switch supply it will go ‘dumb’, meaning that it doesn’t function as a smart meter by automatically sending reads in. If you do have a SMETS1 meter when you join us, then we will aim to get it fully functional as quickly as possible, and if not, we will issue you with a second gen SMETS2 meter.

When switching energy supplier, it is vital to consider a number of factors to ensure that they are best for your small business. Check out our guide to help you select which supplier is best for your business.

Myth 5: My personal data will become vulnerable if I get a smart meter installed

No, there is no personal data stored on your smart meter system and they operate on a secure and private system with no connection to public internet. The sole purpose of smart meters is to capture and record your energy usage data which is uploaded directly to your account.

All of your account data is fully secured and managed in compliance with our privacy policy, government data laws and OFGEM regulations.

My personal data will become vulnerable if I get a smart meter installed


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