How to Make Energy Savings over the Summer

Written by Valda Energy


The summer months may mean lower bills for businesses, but for some it can be just as costly, with longer opening hours and cooling equipment working at full force.  

Here at Valda Energy, we’ve gathered our top five tips on how to reduce your energy usage and cut costs during the warmer season:

1. Utilise your smart meter

If your business is using a standard meter, you will be required to take and submit readings yourself which can take up valuable time. However, with a smart meter, you can get the time back. Smart meters automatically send reads with your supplier remotely over a secure wireless network. This means we will always have access to your most recent consumption data, and you will be able to keep track of exactly what you have spent.  

Smart meters help ensure you don’t end up overpaying, due to estimated usage. It can also help spotlight your energy usage trends and see exactly where your money is being spent. To find out more, check out our benefits of smart meters page or read our debunked myths blog.

2. Make small changes

Sometimes a few simple behavioural changes within your business can make a big difference to your energy bills. From turning off unneeded lights and unplugging devices left on standby, to swapping to LED bulbs or sensor/timer lights, small switches can make a big difference. By replacing just one halogen bulb, you can save up to £4 per year. If your premises use halogen bulbs, you can end up making significant savings by replacing them.

3. Plan ahead for winter

It might feel like a long way off yet, but the summer is a prime time to get prepped for the colder months ahead. Use the summer months to check your premises are well insulated and consider upgrading to double glazing if it’s not already in place. Making your business more energy efficient not only reduces your costs, but it benefits the environment too.

4. Get serviced and avoid an emergency call-out

Getting ahead of the busy period for heating engineers is always a smart decision. If your heating or electrical appliances are requiring their annual service in the latter half of the year, get these booked in now. Engineers and installers often get booked up and, if there are any hidden issues come winter, an emergency call out can be costly. Get your appliances checked now to avoid being caught out later in the year.

5. Consider switching business energy supplier

If you’re in a position to change contracts, it’s always worth shopping around. Consider factors such as customer service and flexibility as well as price. Some of the ways you can compare business energy deals include looking at comparison websites, using an energy broker or dealing with each supplier directly.  

At Valda Energy, our online quote tool can give you a free quote for your business in less than a minute. From here our specialist team can help advise on the best options for you. 

If you are looking to switch suppliers, check out our blog on how to switch energy providers.  

What if I’m struggling to pay my bills? 

If you’re a Valda customer and are worried about your bills, please get in touch today and we will help you work through it. For more information on how we can help, visit our FAQ: I am struggling to pay my energy bills. What do I do?