I am struggling to pay my energy bills. What do I do?

Anyone can have trouble paying their energy bills now and then. If you are struggling with your bills, please get in touch so we can help. 

We understand that there may be times when your business finances are under pressure. We are committed to treating all our customers fairly, so if you are struggling to pay your business energy bills, we want to help you get back on track. 

If you are finding payments difficult, then please fill out our payment plan form so a member of our team can help you navigate the different options available. 

What you'll need before you contact us:

  • Your account number.
  • A brief reason for your business debt.


Is there support available for small businesses?

There's help available if you want to talk to someone about your bills or other debts.

If you would like free independent debt advice about energy or other bills, you may want to contact Business Debtline free on 0800 197 6026 from 09:00-20:00, Monday to Friday.

You may also find it helpful to seek advice on energy efficiency and reducing bills. The Energy Saving Trust has lots of advice on how to save energy. You may also find some of our energy-saving blogs useful.

If you would like information about the finance options available to your business, you may want to contact the British Business Bank. The British Business Bank is owned by the UK Government and it is dedicated to increasing the supply of credit to small and medium sized enterprises as well as providing business advice services.


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