How to Switch Energy Providers?

Written by Valda Energy

Energy, Business News

For many business owners, changing energy providers can often feel like an inconvenience and usually, one of the last things they want to do due to its perceived complexity and time-consuming nature.

However, the benefits of switching can often be large in terms of cost savings and finding the best energy contract for your business.

Here at Valda Energy, we’ve put together four simple steps to get the best service for your business and save some money.

1. Find out your current situation

Your first step needs to be checking whether you can change provider. This will usually be the case if you find yourself on a contract you’ve not chosen, such as a deemed energy contract.

You can usually change provider if your contract has expired and are no longer bound by its terms. There may still be a notice period you need to serve so ensure you factor this into the decision-making process.

2. Consider your options

Next you need to weigh up what contract is the best choice for your business. Along with price, you should also consider factors such as customer service and flexibility. You can compare business energy deals on comparison websites, using an energy broker or by dealing with each supplier directly.

Here at Valda Energy, our online quote tool can give you a free quote for your business in less than a minute. From here our specialist team can help advise on the best options for you.

When switching ensure you have no outstanding balance. If you apply to switch before you’ve cleared your balance, your current supplier will likely reject your application to move.

3. Let your old provider know

Once you’ve decided to make the move, your old supplier needs to be notified. One of the perks of joining Valda Energy is when you switch to us we help you avoid the long goodbyes and contact them for you.

4. Start with your new provider

Your new energy provider will confirm your start date where they will officially take over your property's energy supply!

When closing your account with your old provider they will have six weeks from your switch to send your final bill.