The Valda Energy app

Have complete control over your energy with the Valda Energy app.

The Valda Energy app allows you to access your account at a time that suits you - whether in the office or on the go.  Using the app puts you in control of your energy.

Download our app now and you can:

  • Make payments
  • Top up your energy balance
  • Track and monitor energy usage, by each meter point
  • View past payments
  • Download monthly statements
  • Manage all your accounts and sites in one place
  • Access Customer Service support, by phone, email and LiveChat


To set up an account, simply download our app and use your email address and account number.  We use a secure 2-step verification process to ensure your data is safe.

Downloads for Appstores:

Download from Google Play Download from Apple App Store


Valda Energy app home screen
Homescreen of Valda Energy app

When you first visit the app, you will be presented with your account balance and how many days of energy you have left.  A traffic-light colour system, progressing from green, to amber and finally to red, is used to indicate how much credit you have left. 

Total payments made, by month, will be clearly shown in an easy to view graph.

Plus there are some quick link icons - Usage, Payments and Account, to allow easy naviagation to key areas.


Valda Energy app usage screen
Usage screen of Valda Energy app

The usgae pages give graphical respresentation of energy used, by each meter point.  You can easily toggle to view how much energy has been used by month and by different meter points to get a better understanding of your energy usage pattern.  

Being able to track your energy usage, could give you a better understanding of how and when to make energy saving changes. Please read our blogs for tips on how to save energy.

Read our blogs
Accessing your account for the first time

When you first access the app after downloading, you will be presented with the screen displayed below. Please enter the email address linked to your Valda SmartChoice tariff account, plus your Customer Account ID and press "Continue".

Note: You can find your Customer Account ID on any emails that we send you.


Usage screen of Valda Energy app

Next you will be sent an SMS to the mobile phone linked to your account, containing a unique code.  Please enter this unique code.  If successful, you will be asked to set up a secure password for your account.  Once you've created a password, you will now have access to your account.

For all future access to your customer account, you will only be asked for your email address and password.

The Valda Energy app can be used by all our SmartChoice tariff customers.

The app has a selection of FAQs to help you navigate your account, but if you need any further assistance, including how to log-in, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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