What is an AMR Meter?

AMR means Automated Meter Reading or sometimes Advanced Meter Reading. These AMR meters are more advanced energy meters that are capable of measuring and storing energy usage for multiple time periods.

There are three types of AMRs:

  • Advanced meter – contains a remote reading device
  • Data logger – provides remote reading equipment on larger sites
  • Gas embedded meter – contains a remote reading device


Less advanced AMRs require the data to be collected by a portable collection device that is either used next to or within the vicinity of the meters located.

More advanced AMRs can now send meter consumption data and readings via GSM/GPRS communications used by the mobile phone network automatically to the energy suppliers. This energy usage data is then used to create bills and manage energy demand.

Data from the AMR meters are commonly sent daily to the energy suppliers so you would only need to read them if something blocks the GS/GPRS communications.

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