Third party costs on your energy contract

If you did not contact Valda Energy directly to get a fixed term contract, you are likely to be paying a small amount of commission to the energy brokers, also known as Third Party Intermediaries, you went through.

Brokers earn their commission by delivering advice and giving you access to competitive deals.


How much is the commission?

This can vary depending on your supplier, the energy broker you went through and more.

If you joined Valda through an energy broker, you will find an estimate of the commission in your Welcome Letter. It will also have been disclosed when you agreed the sale either on the PDF, verbal contract or on the link sent by Valda.


Do I need to pay the commission directly to my broker?

The short answer is no. The commission is covered in your energy charges by way of a small uplift within the cost of your agreed contact.

Can I arrange an energy contract without paying a commission?

Of course! Any small and medium-sized business can arrange a contract with us directly by calling 0330 124 2023, or by visiting our website for a quote.

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