How do I log in to my account and set a password?

1. Click the link received in your email to sign up to the customer portal. It will be within your first invoice notification email.

2. You will be sent to a web page to set up your online account that looks like the below:

Valda Energy portal sign up to your account

3. The first two fields will be set and be non-editable. To complete sign-up, you need to add your first name, surname and set a secure password.

4. The password should be:

  • Of a reasonable length
  • A mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, where possible
  • Contain at least one symbol
  • Not contain a common word or phrase 

5. The strength bar below the password field will show as full and green when the password is of an acceptable level. The images below show the various types of messages the strength bar will return.

password strength showing top-100 common password

Password is too common

password strength showing similar to commonly used password

Password is similar to a common password

password strength showing password is weak

Password is too weak 

password strength is strong

Password is strong enough to use

6. Once you create your account you will be redirected to the login screen where you can login with the username and password you’ve just set.

7. On first login you will be asked to set your marketing preferences, as shown below:

Marketing preferences screen

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