Estimated meter reads on the Valda Customer Portal

If the Valda Customer Portal has flagged that one or more of your meter reads are 'estimates', then please read below to see what this could mean.

All meter reads received are either 'actual' reads or 'estimates'.  An actual read is a confirmed read, either sent automatically (via a smart meter); or for non-smart meters, manually sent by our customers or engineers.   An estimated read will only appear if we haven't received an actual read.

Estimated reads are calculated on industry standard profiles and the historical energy usage of the business property.

If you have a smart meter, then estimated reads may arise if your smart meter temporarily lost connectivity, which can happen on very rare occasions.  We will always endeavour to fix issues as soon as we become aware of them, but if you suspect your meter isn't working please contact our team.

If you don't have a smart meter, then estimated reads will happen more frequently, but the more reads you send us the more accurate your usage charts and billing will be.  Alternatively contact our team who will happily arrange for a free smart meter to be installed for you.

Please note that bills are calculated on registered readings.

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