Who is doing the installation?

We are installing smart meters with our partners IMServ Europe and Stark who should be in touch with you shortly to arrange a smart meter installation appointment if they haven’t already.

Your smart meter installation is free of charge and should take place 4-8 weeks from your live date – the date on which Valda starts to supply your premise.

I have a smart meter, do I need a new one?

If you have already had a smart meter installed, we do not need to swap it for a new one because you have changed supplier. We will automatically dial your existing smart meter.

How many engineers will there be attending?

Only one engineer will be attending the installation, however, if more personnel are required you will be informed before your appointment goes ahead. 

Anyone who visits your property to install a meter on behalf of Valda Energy must be able to show an identification card so you can verify where they are from.

How do I book my smart meter install?

We will schedule a booking call for you, however, if you would prefer to arrange a time and date that suits you now, please visit our appointment page or contact us.

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What time will my installation be?

Standard installations are carried out between 08:00 – 18:00. 

Out-of-hours installations can be arranged by prior appointment but an additional charge may apply – please contact us if you require an out-of-hours installation.


Can you upgrade all of my meters?

We will only change the meters we supply. If we supply more than one meter at your premises or we supply both gas and electricity to your business, we will always attempt to install both new meters at the same time. 

If Valda Energy is not your only supplier, we recommend you contact your other supplier to arrange for installation with them.

Our smart metering installation code of practice

We install your smart meters in accordance with the Consolidated Metering Code of Practice (CoMCoP). This is the industry standard for meter installations including smart meters. 

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