Talking Health and Fitness: Valda Energy gets a visit from Anytime Fitness

Written by Hayley Vice

Marketing Executive

Business News


Wednesday 26 June 2024 was a busy day for Valda Energy apprentices as we welcomed Ros White from Anytime Fitness to talk about health and nutrition at the Bicester Office.

The session, tailored specifically for our apprentices delved into:

  • What makes a healthy meal plan.
  • Exercises you can integrate into the office environment.
  • The importance of sleep hygiene.
  • The often-overlooked aspect of posture analysis.

The comprehensive talk gave everyone insights and practical advice, to help enhance the well-being of the team.

Reflecting on the event, our Learning and Development Manager, Tom East commented:

“I want to thank Anytime Fitness for providing a fantastic overview of health and nutrition. We now certainly know what good diets and exercise look like.

“Our apprentices thoroughly enjoyed the session and have reviewed their own eating and exercise habits with materials provided by Anytime Fitness. I’ve also learned a number of health-related things that I wasn't aware of before and feel we'll all benefit by putting the desk exercises into practice! Thank you for a brilliant learning session.”


Ros White, Fitness Coach at Anytime Fitness in Bicester said: 

“It was an absolute pleasure to deliver the nutrition and health talk at Valda.  It was great to look at what the apprentices were currently eating and see how we could tweak it to make it healthier rather than completely change meals they enjoyed.”