Why spring should be smart meter season

Written by Valda Energy

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Press Release
As the UK transitions from winter to spring, Valda Energy, a leading energy provider for businesses, is advocating for more companies to equip themselves with smart meters as a strategic move towards additional cost savings.

With more than 23 million* UK businesses already having them installed, Valda argues there's plenty of room for growth, which would put more owners/managers in complete control of how energy is managed. The company, which has over 33,000 customers across the country, says that spring presents an ideal window of opportunity for businesses that manage their own energy to prepare for the winter months ahead.

Josh Turner, Metering Manager at Valda Energy, comments: " We're urging more businesses to make the change now, so they're covered for winter to make substantial savings on their energy bills.

"The devices which are quick to install with very little downtime, offer real-time insights into energy consumption patters, enabling companies to identify areas of inefficiency and implement measures to optimise usage - and by monitoring usage more accurately, wasteful practices and informed decisions can be made to reduce costs."

One of the main advantages of installing smart meters during the spring is the opportunity it provides to fine-tune energy management strategies well in advance of the colder months, adds Josh.

"With winter often associated with increased energy consumption due to heating requirements, companies that proactively install smart meters now can refine the way they use energy and effectively adapt to being in greater control of heating, lighting and switching off appliances before the onset of colder weather when everything becomes more expensive.

"The spring season typically sees a lull in energy demand compared to the peak winter months and this lower demand translates into shorter installation lead times and greater availability of resources for businesses seeking to upgrade their energy infrastructure.

"Certainly, by taking advantage of this seasonal dip in demand, companies can start reaping the benefits of smart meter technology sooner rather than later."

In addition to cost savings, smart meters offer greater control and flexibility over energy consumption, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that align with their sustainability goals. With growing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and embrace renewable energy sources, the adoption of smart meter technology represents a proactive step towards achieving environmental sustainability objectives too. 

Credit: The Evening Standard Business Guide (The Business Guide (Evening Standard) 22nd April 2024 (newspapersections.co.uk))