How to Get an Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Written by Hayley Vice

Marketing Executive

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For those looking for a career in Customer Service, getting an apprenticeship can be a great way to gain practical experience and build your skills at any point in your career. To get you started on the road to getting an apprenticeship in Customer Service, here is a simple guide to get you started.

What do people in Customer Service do?

The Customer Service department plays a big part in a company as it’s usually the first point of contact for customers to get help and support. Some of its responsibilities include:

  • Handling customer queries and complaints via different contact channels
  • Listening attentively to customers to address their concerns.
  • Sharing and regularly updating product knowledge.
  • Updating customer records with details of all contact and ensuring account information is accurately recorded
  • Maintaining knowledge of company processes and policies.

 At Valda Energy, our Customer Service team supports our customers with all energy-related queries including account management, metering, and billing. If you are passionate about helping people and are solution-focused, we would love to receive an application from you

What qualifications do I need?

For an entry-level apprenticeship, you will generally not require any formal qualifications. However, this may vary between companies and roles.

If you do not have GCSEs in English and Maths, you will need to take functional skills as part of the apprenticeship.

Where do I look for an apprenticeship?

The best place to start is by researching what type of companies or organisations offer Customer Service apprenticeships near you. Are there any positions that align with your interests and career goals?

Websites like Indeed, LinkedIn and Gov.UK often list apprenticeship opportunities. You can search for “customer service apprenticeships” or similar keywords.

You can also approach companies directly if you are interested in them. Additionally, consider checking out company websites directly, as some may post apprenticeship opportunities elsewhere.

If you don’t have the formal experience

Here are some suggestions where you can share examples of using the skills you would in a customer service role:

  • Emphasise skills that are transferable to customer service, like communication, problem-solving and teamwork.
  • Have you taken any courses that relate to Customer Service?
  • Do you volunteer or participate in any clubs, sports or community events? What’s your involvement?
  • Do you have any personal projects? Have you helped organise family events or assisted a neighbour with tasks? All these still count as practical experiences where you can explain how these activities required communication, problem-solving or teamwork.
  • Were you part of a school project where you had to engage with others?
  • Consider asking a teacher or someone who knows you well to be a character reference.

Apply online

Once you find an apprenticeship that sounds like you, apply online through the company’s website or the job portal where the position is posted.

Be sure to stand out by customising your application for each opportunity and address the specific requirements mentioned in the job description. It may seem easier to bulk apply without personalising but this can actually have the opposite effect.

Experience is not an expectation, but enthusiasm is! Think about how you can positively express your interest and enthusiasm in your application.