Empowering the Future: Valda Energy Launches Apprenticeships for 2024

Written by Hayley Vice

Marketing Executive

Press Release


Today (27 June 2024), Valda Energy announced their apprenticeship programme for 2024/5 is now open for applications. This year, Valda is looking for proactive and passionate individuals to join the dynamic team as a Customer Service Advisor Apprentice or Commercial Analyst Apprentice.

The 2024 apprenticeship portfolio includes a new position as a Commercial Analyst. Those in this role will have dedicated learning time and will work in the Commercial team to support some of the following:

  • Data collection and reporting Interpretation from various sources.
  • Cleaning, transforming and organising data for analysis.
  • Generating reports and dashboards to communicate findings to stakeholders.
  • Documenting data analysis processes, methodologies, and findings.

Valda Energy have also reopened positions for their Customer Service Advisor apprenticeship, following the success of 2023/24. With Customer Service at the heart of business operations, they will be a pillar of support to take care of customer enquiries. Apart from their dedicated learning sessions, they’ll also be working as part of the Customer Service team, where they will:

  • Problem-solve and provide solutions to customer queries.
  • Help to improve customer service, response time and the staff experience.
  • Keep accurate records to maintain up-to-date account information.


Not your ’typical’ apprenticeship

Valda Energy’s apprenticeship program offers a unique opportunity to earn while you learn whilst on a starting salary of £22,000 and offers a permanent contract straight away. By the end of the programme, successful apprentices earn a nationally recognised qualification to open doors to further career opportunities.

Haiadar, a Customer Service Advisor Apprentice at Valda Said:

 "Joining Valda's apprenticeship programme has been an incredible experience for me. The hands-on learning and supportive environment have been amazing. You’re getting industry knowledge, experience and qualifications in one go.

“I feel like it’s opened more opportunities for me now and in the future.”


Tom East, Learning and Development Manager at Valda Energy said:

“I am extremely excited and proud to be launching our 2024/5 apprenticeship programme. We are thrilled to be expanding our portfolio of offerings, giving opportunities to those seeking an apprenticeship with an expanding and diverse local business.

“We have seen the great benefits that apprenticeships can bring for both the apprentices and Valda Energy. Some key benefits include our apprentices developing valuable skills from on and off-the-job learning, directly contributing to our success. Also having received life skills sessions on various subjects including personal finances, health and nutrition, and cybersecurity.

"It's been wonderful to witness how our apprentices have brought a fresh perspective to our ways of working, contributing positively to their team's achievements.”


Don't miss out on the chance to be part of our 2024 cohort. Apply now and embark on a journey of professional growth and discovery with Valda Energy.