A day in the life of a Collections Advisor Apprentice

Written by Hayley Vice

Marketing Executive

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To commemorate this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, we asked a couple of our apprentices to share how they got into their apprenticeship, what they’ve enjoyed about it most so far and what advice they’d give to someone looking into starting one.

Today we’re talking to Owen, one of our first Collections Advisor Apprentices at Valda Energy.

So how did you find out about the Valda Apprenticeships? 

A friend of mine who works at Valda Energy originally told me about the new apprenticeship opportunity they had in the Collections department.

After researching the company and the job requirements, I decided to apply for the role. I was impressed by Valda's growth and thought the position was something that I could excel in and learn from.

Can you describe what your typical day is like in your role?

My day in the Collections department consists of making calls to customers who have an outstanding balance on their accounts, to see if the situation can be solved before further activity is conducted. This can include negotiating with the customer to reach a suitable payment agreement.

I also take inbound calls from customers and aim to resolve their queries with a positive outcome. There are emails from customers as well, which need to be answered.

What has been your highlight so far, Owen?

My highlight of the apprenticeship so far was when I was helping a customer with some issues they had with their account, and I was able to resolve the situation by myself. It was one of the first times that I didn’t feel the need to ask for help from my colleagues.

I knew this was proof that I’d reached a point where my extensive training and on-the-job experience at Valda made me confident in my ability to carry out my work.


Tell us a bit about your team

I have nothing but praise for my team and colleagues. There has always been someone to turn to when I’ve needed help or assistance, and I appreciate how patient and understanding they are when I have questions.

They are a great team and make me feel comfortable in my role.

In your own words, what makes learning at Valda Energy unique?

Since the start of my apprenticeship, I’ve received a lot of training to learn about the needs of the job and the industry as a whole. We regularly discuss the process too, which has been super helpful and provided me with the tools to succeed in my apprenticeship.

I also like that I am one of four apprentices in the Collections Team, and we can refer to each other to help with work and learning.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about apprenticeships?

I would say to research many different types of apprenticeships because you may be surprised by the opportunities you would not have thought about otherwise.

I knew very little about the energy industry before my apprenticeship, yet they’ve help me build my understanding from the ground up.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I enjoy volunteering as a Cub Scout leader at my local Scout group, helping to organise and lead activities each week.

I like playing the piano and reading non-fiction books. I’m also a keen cyclist when the weather’s nice!